Call Afghanistan @ Local Rates!

Cheapo Call provides high quality international calls to Afghanistan at local rates using our patented innovations and top of the line VoIP technology.

Our service is easy to work, it's effective, and above all, it offers serious savings for everyone! We are up to 95% cheaper than traditional Afghanistan calling cards or regular long distance phone services.

Pay only for the time you talk. NO hidden fees.
Great call quality. Clear voice quality.
Any phone, any network. Works with your current carrier.
No calling cards, no downloads. PIN-less dialing. Use it instantly.

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Calling Afghanistan with Cheapo Call is very easy

Just fill out the sign up form and register the phone number from which you’ll be making your calls. Next, Login to our panle and add credit to your account.Dial your local Access Number and start making calls.

It’s just that simple!

We'll connect the call over the Internet and pass the savings on to you.